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Block War 2

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Over 1 year in development — The next generation tower defense game is finally here!

Rabbits with machine guns in a tower defense Minecraft style world?! Yes!

Zombie turtles and bipedal wolves attacking with war jeeps and building-sized boss brutes? Of course!

Block War 2 is a tower defense game where you control all of the action. It’s a cross between a tower defense and first person shooter.

Protect your base from incoming enemy units by using your four defending soldiers and other war accessories.

Tap on your soldiers to get them to engage approaching enemies. If your soldiers are being overrun, grab your gun and help out in combat by personally sniping them from the air via FPS action.

Craft new weapons like the obliterator gun. Or build a laser turret and place it around your tower to automatically destroy the enemy army as they approach.

Drop air strikes from the sky when things get a bit hectic, and try to keep your tower barricades from falling. Switch to the rocket launcher when you need to clear out a large area quickly.

Enemies a bit too far away? Tap the SIGHT button and you’re in sniper mode.

Invisible zombies, flying-freezer-units, portal-jumping suicide bombers, and helicopter snipers are just part of the action that awaits you.

Block War 2 has 30 incredible missions, each introducing new challenges, from night missions to defending the base with limited ammunition.

It truly was a labor of love creating this game over the past year, and I hope you enjoy it.

If you love tower defense games and FPS games, this might just be what you’re looking for. It’s free, and you get to save the world.

Download it today!

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  1. Charlie63 says:

    Nice sniper shooting game
    I like the way that this sniper game differs from others, it is fun and engaging plus the ability to play against other players online with the ranking makes it more interesting, challenging and engaging. The background and characters has unique art style. Game can be a hard with the time restriction. I really like this one.

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